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Providing Quality Child Care since 1972. 

For over 50 years, Child Development, Inc. has provided quality child care for the children in the Maquoketa area as Sunshine Preschool and Day Care. We are now known as Sunshine Learning Center, to more accurately reflect what we do, and that is to help children learn!


Sunshine is a 501c(3) organization, which means we're not out to make a profit, but we're here to give your children the best learning experiences, care, and a safe place to be day in and out.

All of our classrooms utilize child-led curriculums designed to benefit children as young as 6 weeks to 12 years of age academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Sunshine provides a secure, stimulating environment for children when they are away from home! 


The staff at our facility take a wide range of training courses each year, and are certified in CPR, First Aid and Universal Precautions, and many other courses in which is above the requirements of the Iowa Department of Human Services. We want to ensure that our staff can provide the best care to our students! 


Sunshine works with several local, state, and federal programs to keep our standards high. These agencies include: the Iowa Department of Human Services, Child Care Resources and Referral, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, and Early Childhood Iowa. Sunshine participates in the Child and Adult Care Food program as well. 

We look forward to serving our community for many years to come, and will continue to provide a healthy, safe, and encouraging environment for our students and staff.









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MakIt Plates Fundraiser 2/12


Calendar Fundraiser 2/29


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